About Fit For Life

Fit For Life is primarily a fitness center that also offers physical therapy. It was founded by Carol Hollenbeck, a physical therapist. Over the years as a therapist, Carol noticed that her patients who led active lives or exercised regularly recovered faster and more completely from injury, surgery or illnesses. The patients who led sedentary lifestyles usually did not recover completely, if at all. Thus, she decided to get the word out to the general public that prevention is the key and fitness really does make a difference in your overall health and well-being!

Health and fitness is on everyone’s mind. It’s hard to pick up a paper, turn on the news or browse the web without reading or hearing a story linked to exercise, diet or wellness. Because of this many people are joining health clubs &/or participating in group exercise classes for the first time in their lives. This is good news! The bad news is that many people are unaware of the correct way to exercise because they have never been shown. This can lead to individuals either getting hurt or becoming frustrated with the experience to the point that they discontinue exercising altogether. We at Fit For Life aim to help our members exercise safely and properly so that they will gain maximum benefit from their exercise program and stick with it, for life!