Physical Therapy


  • Concentration on 5 areas of wellness: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Posture
  • Functional Rehab Program Utilizing Functional Tools and Evidence Based Practice
  • Focus on patient education, involvement and long-term goals by highly experienced and skilled therapists; few modalities used
  • One-on-one care from a licensed therapist for the entire treatment session (typically one hour) and the same therapist for each session

Our Specialized Services:

  • Specializations in Geriatrics, Orthopedics, Wellness, Manual Therapy & Sports Rehab
  • Sports Rehab & Injury Prevention: Running, Biking, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, etc.
  • Joint Mobilization, Core Stability & Pelvic / Spinal Alignment
  • Option of continuing exercise after therapy in the therapist owned and operated fitness center, improving long-term carryover and return to maximum functional level

Our Physical Therapists:

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Initial PT Evaluation $120.00
PT Individual Session $90.00 - $180.00
Annual PT Exam $80.00
PT Fitness Test $75.00
Cognitive Assessment $60.00
Balance Assessment $60.00

Physical Therapy provider for the following insurance plans:
* Medicare
* Private Pay
* All other insurances, self-submit claims
** Failure to give 24 hours notice of cancellation may result in a charge.